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Innovation is vital for organic growth and embedded sustainability


AkzoNobel’s strategic ambition is to deliver a world-beating innovation and product portfolio.

That strategy is focused on delivering a combination of innovations that provide differentiated performance and value-driven benefits for our customers.

This focus means we can work on the game-changing breakthroughs that transform our customers’ lives and businesses and on innovations that provide them with solutions our competitors are not able to match in terms of price or value.

With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we have a target of 20 percent of our innovations providing distinct sustainability benefits for our customers and their value chains.

We are organized to develop globally and deliver locally with customer-facing research and development teams focused on the creation of technology and applications platforms, supported by teams of world-class scientists and engineers in our Strategic Research Groups, Global Expertise Groups and globally-active knowledge-sharing networks, which we call Communities of Practice. And we are engaged in open innovation relationships with a wide range of technology and knowledge providers who complement our own areas of expertise.