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Investor Contacts

General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please use the contact form or call +31 88 969 4433 (office hours 8am - 6pm CET, Monday - Friday).

Investor Relations

The contact information for Investor Relations is for use by investors and analysts.

Telephone:+31 88 969 7856
Time zone:Central European Time (CET)

Investor Relations
Investor Relations
Lloyd MidwinterAnnabelle Bastiaanse 
Lloyd Midwinter 
+31 88 969 7590
Annabelle Bastiaanse
+31 88 969 7856

Investor Relations
Investor Relations
Lindsey SandersMaurits Beks

Lindsey Sanders
+31 88 969 7859

Maurits Beks
+31 88 969 2480



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